People’s Deputy Gerashchenko is in favor of changing the procedure for dismissing the director of the State Archives and wants to check the actions of the Pipe for crimes

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko proposes to change the procedure for dismissing the Director of the State Bureau of Investigation (RRT) and will contact the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAP) in connection with Roman Truba’s violation of the RRT laws.

«Competitive conditions for 142 positions in the RRG are not yet known … a disciplinary commission has not been created … we have actually stated in the RR Act that it is impossible to dismiss the head of the RRT … this is a huge mistake. I think it is necessary to work out the committee submit changes to the law on the state registry, according to which the head of the state registry will be dismissed according to the same procedure as the prosecutor general of Ukraine, ”said Gerashchenko on Wednesday during a meeting of the committee on legislative support for law enforcement.

He also said that he would prepare a statement addressed to the Prosecutor General and the head of the SAP, Ruslan Kholodnitsky, regarding the actions of the Pipe.

«I will ask them to check if there is any crime in the individual actions of the Director of the Main Directorate of the Pipe of the Republic of Belarus, namely that he systematically neglects the law, systematically violates the law on the State Registration Code … He dismisses the employees of the State Registration Code in violation of the law. I believe that to be evaluated, «said the deputy.

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