People’s deputy from «Servants of the people» Gorbenko suspect a coronavirus

People’s deputy of the Servant of the People faction Ruslan Gorbenko confirmed that he suspects a coronavirus infection.

“I’m really in the Alexander Hospital, I passed 2 tests — one result is negative, the other is positive. Today I passed the third. We are waiting for the results, they are not there yet,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

The people’s deputy specified that he fell ill on Wednesday, March 18 — at first the temperature rose, later the cough started. He turned to doctors on Saturday. X-ray detected left-sided pneumonia.

“I didn’t communicate with the People’s Deputy Shakhov (we don’t intersect at the hospital), with the People’s Deputy with the HMO (“ Opposition Platform for Life ”- IF), which the media also write about, too. The last few months haven’t been abroad. Generally, I was self-isolated. I wasn’t committees. I was at the meeting on Tuesday, but in a mask, ”Gorbenko said.

As reported, a total of 73 cases of the disease were laboratory confirmed in Ukraine. In Kiev — 29 cases, of which 20 in the last day.

It is known that the deputy of the people and member of the deputy group «Trust» Sergei Shakhov fell ill with the coronavirus COVID-19.

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