People’s Deputy from «Servant of the People» justified himself for a fight in a restaurant over a woman

People’s Deputy of Ukraine from the Servant of the People party Andriy Strikharsky commented on the conflict with a fight in a restaurant, after which the politician was accused of beating a man under the influence of drugs. This was reported by ECHO of Kiev with reference to «Strana.yua» on July 30.

Ukrainian media published video footage from CCTV cameras and indicated that Andriy Strikharsky beat a visitor to the cafe. They wrote that the people’s deputy was under the influence of alcohol or drugs and behaved inappropriately. First, according to journalists. Strikharsky began to molest the girl, and then ordered the guards to «deal with» the man who stood up for the lady. The politician explained the situation in his own way.

“This is my legal wife. I found her with this dude, who, apparently, has a long relationship with her. I took her hand to take her to the next table to talk, so that she could explain, ”said the people’s deputy.

As a result, according to him, the wife’s fan started a fight with another man who was not involved in the scandal. Strikharsky said that he separated the fighters himself. “I don’t know what he wanted. Well, they are lovers, they wanted my wife, ”the politician explained. Strikharsky also said that he has been playing sports all his life and that drugs are out of the question. The deputy did not mention anything about alcohol. He considers media attention to be «ordered».

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