People’s Deputy from BPP sues Radio Liberty

This election campaign will go down in history as one of the dirtiest.

The first deputy chairman of the deputy bloc of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, Igor Kononenko, intends to sue Radio Liberty because of an investigation by journalists from the Schemes: Corruption in Detail program. The program says that Kononenko is allegedly involved in the scams in the energy sector.

The speaker of the election headquarters of presidential candidate Poroshenko Oleg Medvedev announced his intention to sue.

“Since the investigation of the Radio Liberty Scheme program is directly related to the election campaign, because it was made public, I stress once more, two days before the elections, it should be considered in the context of this campaign. Therefore, as the speaker of the election headquarters, he is authorized to report that Igor Kononenko, who was mentioned in this investigation, considers the spread information unreliable, as well as produced with gross violations of journalistic standards. He made a decision in the near future to file a lawsuit against Radio Liberty, he said.

In court Kononenko will be represented by lawyer Graham Atkins, who earlier defended the interests of Petro Poroshenko in the case against the Air Force. The lawsuit is being prepared in a foreign court.

Atkins noted that he has enough experience in cases involving political misinformation and is ready to assemble a team of lawyers in Europe and the UK. The lawyer also said that he was absolutely not surprised that such accusations surface a few days before the election.

We, if anything, are not surprised at anything either.


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