People’s Deputy Alexander Feldman filed a lawsuit against Kernes

People’s Deputy Alexander Feldman (OPZH) considers Kernes’s accusations slanderous about his involvement in setting fire to equipment at the construction site of a road through Barabashovo.

Alexander Feldman filed a lawsuit for the protection of honor and dignity. He announced this on his Facebook page.

«Due to the fact that Kernes cowardly hid behind the Kharkiv City Council and signed a statement in his name (without asking the opinion of the City Council deputies, which is also hardly legal), I did not demand material compensation. After all, it would have to be paid from the city budget, That is, out of the pockets of Kharkiv residents. But we will definitely achieve the refutation of false information. This is important, because impunity gives rise to permissiveness, and this feeling of the current city government is inherent in abundance, «the People’s Deputy wrote.

We will remind, Kernes said that on July 22 at 3:50 am, unidentified persons threw Molotov cocktails at the construction site of a new road near the Kievskaya metro station. As a result, three trucks caught fire. According to him, the construction site guards put out the fire, but the equipment was damaged.

“As history shows, setting fire to cars is the favorite way of MP Alexander Feldman to intimidate competitors and those dissatisfied with the situation on the Barabashovo market. We understand that it is Feldman & Co. who is behind today’s arson attempt. Feldman and Co. are unprincipled businessmen who, by the hands of others, who threw Molotov cocktails, actually declared war on the city and the interests of Kharkiv residents, «the Kharkiv mayor reported.

Market defenders consider this statement by Kernes an unfounded accusation and demanded from him a public apology for his statements about the possible organizers and participants of the arson attempt.

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