People’s Deputy Alekseev called on Zelensky to cancel the decree on the dissolution of Rada

In his opinion, this would be «the right step, worthy of the highest level of a statesman.»

Member of the Popular Front faction Igor Alekseev believes that the decree of President Vladimir Zelensky about the dissolution of parliament does not comply with the Constitution and called for its repeal.

This Alekseev said during a speech at the Constitutional Court, according to the NF website.

“The right step, worthy of the highest level of a statesman, who is the president of Ukraine, is the abolition of this decree,” the MP said.

«We respect the choice of the Ukrainian people. At these democratic and free elections, President Zelensky won, whose appeal we appeal. As a politician, I declare that people are demanding changes. And the last presidential elections proved this. But the main requirement is the requirement of law and justice «- added Alekseev.

According to him, people demand the responsibility of the president, parliament, government, the Constitutional Court and the entire judiciary.

“And the limits of this responsibility are determined by the Basic Law of the state — and this is the Constitution. The Constitution does not define the principles of political expediency or inexpediency, but determines the following only to the letter and spirit of the fundamental act of the Ukrainian state,” Alekseev emphasized.

“It is in your highest interests, Mr. President, to become a model for the observance of the Constitution and its present, not a feigned guarantor,” the deputy added.

Alekseev also stressed that the composition of the Rada in any case would have changed in the next elections on October 27.

Recall, on May 21, Zelensky signed a decree dissolving the Rada of the 8th convocation and calling early elections on July 21st. The reason for dissolution was the absence of a parliamentary coalition.

The European Ukraine Coalition was established at the end of 2014 as part of the BPP, the Popular Front, the Radical Party, Self-help and the Fatherland. The last three factions left it later, after which in 2016 only less than 226 deputies remained in the majority. Officially, the collapse of the coalition was not announced until May 17, 2019, until the Popular Front faction left it.

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