People’s deputies in parliament with a jackhammer demanded to pay salaries to miners

People’s deputies from the For Future and Trust groups, holding pieces of coal and a jackhammer in their hands, demanded that they pay salaries to Ukrainian miners, which had not been issued for six months now. This was announced by people’s deputy Sergei Shakhov from the rostrum of the parliament, behind which other deputies stood, TSN reports.

“People suffer because they don’t get wages. A slave is someone who can pay for a communal apartment and for food. A miner cannot even pay for a communal apartment or for food. Imagine when people go to shops — mother he takes the child and is recorded in the barn book, she has nothing to buy boots for. Today in our country people who are sitting a thousand meters underground are in poverty, «he said. Shakhov also said that we are talking about the miners of Volyn, Donbass and Lviv. «They (the miners, — UNIAN.) Are waiting until here in parliament they will force the Cabinet to pay them salaries. They didn’t give money for Miner’s Day, they didn’t give money for New Year, they didn’t give money for Christmas. Next week give the money back, there is money, we voted for the budget, «he added. Separately, Shakhov noted that the deputy groups «Trust» and «For the Future» require immediate intervention by the president in the payment of salaries to miners and the development of the coal industry.

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