People’s deputies and suspect in Zaman’s treason: who leads to Rada Smeshko

The list of the “Strength and Honor” party for participation in the parliamentary elections was headed by the head of the political force Igor Smeshko. This became known at the party congress today.

The second number of the list is Elena Sotnik, a lawyer and a people’s deputy. She represents the Ukrainian delegation to the PACE and is a member of the parliamentary investigative commission to investigate attacks on activists, in particular Ekaterina Gandzyuk.

The third place in the list is occupied by the Crimean Tatar politician, people’s deputy and the head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov.

The fourth number on the list is Ivan Miroshnichenko, a people’s deputy, an expert in the agrarian sector and a former adviser to the prime minister.

The top five of the list is closed by the former chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, suspected of high treason Vladimir Zaman. May 24, he was released from custody.

In the sixth place is the former deputy head of the minister for housing and communal services and a former member of the National Commission, which exercises state regulation in the sphere of public services, Olga Romanyuk. In the seventh, the former deputy head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, financial expert Andrei Haidutsky. At the eighth — lawyer, people’s deputy and deputy chairman of the committee on health issues Irina Sisoenko.

The ninth issue is a member of the political council of the “Strength and Honor” party, the former deputy head of the Security Service of Ukraine and one of the founders of the K department in the special service, Vladimir Timoshenko.

The last place in the top ten of the list went to captain of the first rank Anatoly Makarenko. He was deputy head of the State Customs Service and the State Fiscal Service. It is also known that Makarenko was conditionally sentenced to four years for abuse of his official position — he cleared the gas of oligarch Dmitry Firtash in favor of Naftogaz. In 2014, the conviction was removed.

Note that the party congress Smeshko held a journalist Dmitry Gordon. The average age of the participants of the congress is 50 and above.

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