Pashinsky’s case: at the trial, ex-people’s deputy attacked a journalist

Pashinsky’s companion Tatyana Chornovil grabbed a phone from a journalist and scratched his hand.
During the court session in the case of the former people’s deputy Sergei Pashinsky, which took place on Friday, October 18, ex-people’s deputy Tatyana Chornovil attacked the journalist of the Legal Control of Ukraine Dmitry Kucher. This was reported by the press service of the National Union of Journalists.

«I was at the court on an editorial assignment. I asked Ms. Chornovil about her attitude to the court decision, she answered briefly — a classic statement. Then I moved the camera to Parubiya, who was hugging with Pashinsky and they were talking about something. And with Ms. Chornovil stood on the left side, who suddenly grabbed the phone from me so I wouldn’t take it off. I decided to pick up the phone back, because it is quite expensive, and while returning, Ms. Chornovil scratched me, «said Kucher in a commentary, adding that he has a video and incident.

After the attack by Chernovil, the journalist tried to push the ex-people’s deputy from the hall.

“I decided not to tolerate this, I stood in the rack and pushed him away with the body. After that, he did not touch me anymore,” said Kucher.

At the scene, the journalist called the police. He also wrote a statement on the obstruction of the legitimate professional activities of a journalist.

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