Oles Dovgy won the parliamentary elections, the people’s deputy’s plans were revealed: “Depends on me …”

Oles Dovgy told why he decided to stay working in Ukraine and how he sees his goals in parliament

Following the results of the extraordinary parliamentary elections that took place in Ukraine on July 21, Oles Dovgy won the single-mandate constituency No. 102 of the Kirovograd region and was elected to the new Verkhovna Rada.

Earlier in an interview with LB.ua, Dovgy told how he sees his main task in parliament.

“Of course, today I am very different from what I was 10 years ago. But this is my life, my destiny. I am that I am. And the experience that I have, including in the form of errors, is my experience. He makes me today who I am. A man who, being a relatively young politician, has a huge baggage of knowledge, experience, political, managerial «, — said the people’s deputy about his formation as a politician.

Dovgy stressed that he wants to take an active part in the political life of Ukraine and shaping its future.

“I believe that my experience, my vision and representation, my professional qualities, knowledge, my education, the cultural strata on which I stand, in the form of my kind, are all in Ukraine. And it depends on me, including what Ukraine will be tomorrow, ”the MP said.

He stressed that he did not plan to leave the country anywhere. Instead, Dovgy promised to make every effort to form «that image of the future that I see is right, good from the point of view of the value category, and the economic platform for Ukraine.»

The people’s deputy also emphasized that for all the time in the parliament he had never used his position for personal gain.


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