Odessa people’s deputy Skorik was in the ten most malicious truant meetings of the Verkhovna Rada in October

In October 2019, the deputy committee member of the OPJ, Nikolay Skorik, missed 49% of parliamentary sessions, and in general, the deputies of this fraction most often did not participate in the vote.

This was reported to the social movement CHESNO on the basis of monitoring results, the correspondent of the Ukrainian Information Service reports.

In October 2019, the Verkhovna Rada worked in the session hall for 10 days, held 17 meetings, at which 476 votes took place. 16 deputies were absent during more than 30% of the vote. More often than not, deputies of the Opposition Platform-For Life faction are absent during the voting at the meetings, — noted in Chesno.

Without good reason, Vitaly Danilov from the Fatherland faction lost the largest number of votes — 97%.

It is worth noting that on November 1, amendments to the law came into force: now people’s deputies should not receive money for the fulfillment of deputy powers («second deputy salary») if they do not participate in more than 30% of the vote within a calendar month without good reason. It is interesting that Nikolai Skorik voted “in favor” in the second reading of the bill on the abolition of compensation for truants, but at the same time he was among truants due to the absence of 49% of the vote.


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