Odessa people’s deputy: Russia has new ships, but we can’t remove Delfi for 8 months

The head of the Odessa city organization of the Opposition Platform — For Life (Opposition Platform — For Life) party, MP Mykola Skorik called the situation with the sunken tanker Delfi shameful, which cannot be removed from the beach in Odessa since autumn 2019.

The parliamentarian shared this opinion on his Facebook on July 27.

“About patriotism. For me, ours has always been the best. I read the tape. They rejoice for the parade at their neighbors on the day of the Navy, express their hopes for a truce from tomorrow and worry about Delfi. Neighborhood Parade and Delfi are generally like a caricature. They have new ships, and we cannot lift a rusty tin can. They discuss the thickness of the cable, the power of the tug and so on. A disgrace «, — wrote Nikolay Skorik, complaining that once in Odessa there was a powerful industry and the world’s largest shipping company,» and now for 8 months we cannot remove a broken trough from the beach. »
“Even with an evil owner, it would be absurd. They would have removed it in a week, a maximum of two … You can PR and talk about it as much as you like, but this is a shame and a shame. Not Zelensky, Kutsego or USPA, but the country. Ukraine. All of us. We deserve them ”, — the Odessa deputy is indignant.


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