Odessa people’s deputy asks the country’s leadership to decide the fate of the IPF

The topic of the situation at the Odessa Port Plant became the main issue in the next deputy request, which was sent to the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, the State Property Fund of Ukraine and Ukrtransgaz JSC. About it reports the Internet edition «A look from Odessa».

During 2018, more than five hundred employees left the city-forming enterprise. Wage arrears exceeded 30 million hryvnia.

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Oleksandr Presman, who has repeatedly spoken in the media on the situation in the IPF, in his deputy request, recalled that at the end of April 2019 the year will come when the Odessa port plant is idle.

“The conclusion of the contract of the Odessa port plant for processing raw materials supplied by the customer from Energetic Equivalent LLC by the end of May 2019 made it possible to start payment of wage arrears.

In accordance with the Code of the gas transmission system of Ukraine, the amount of financial support is determined independently, in this case, by Energetic equivalent LLC.

To confirm the application of JSC «Ukrtransgaz» LLC «Energy equivalent» provided financial security in case of default by them.

The task of JSC «Ukrtransgaz» is its verification and confirmation of the nomination. Despite the requirements of the Code, which indicated that financial support should be determined on the basis of gas consumption for the last 5 days of the previous gas month, Ukrtransgaz JSC refused to use Energy Equivalent LLC to confirm the application.

Thus, in violation of the above Code, without justification, Ukrtransgas JSC demanded financial support from Energetic equivalent LLC several times more: instead of 40 million 140 million hryvnias ”.

This requirement of JSC «Ukrtransgaz» is not explained.

However, this prevented the launch of the Odessa port plant, ”writes the people’s deputy of Ukraine in his request.

In order to support the workforce of the plant, prevent the disruption of the planting season in Ukraine, Alexander Presman made a number of demands. He offers representatives of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, personally President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister of Ukraine, Acting President Chairman of the State Property Fund, Acting President of JSC “Ukrtrnasgaz”, at a press conference, to express his position, and tell what response measures were taken in response to the unreasonable “principled position” of JSC “Ukrtransgaz”. ”


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