“My duty is to make a holiday” — Presman responded to criticism

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Oleksandr Presman said that despite the criticism of ill-wishers, he intends to support cultural life in the region, especially in the villages. He wrote about this on his Facebook page.

“As already said, in June we celebrated the Day of the village in Kotovka, Avgustovka, Egorovka, Kamenka. But, as it turned out, not everyone is pleased with the holidays, which I help spend for you. In the comments, they even suggested “to prohibit the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada to do good deeds,” including concerts. Well, let’s discuss.
When I started working in the district, many people complained that it was not possible to have a good free time, that cultural life had died out, and that is why the youth are leaving. And creative teams have problems with costumes and trips to various festivals where children can show their skills, and cultural institutions, to put it mildly, did not meet the standards.
I took it as one of the mandates of my voters: to help make cultural life more joyful. Therefore, I try to support both local cultural institutions and creative teams. To make people a holiday, no worse than in the city — with the participation of artists, with fireworks, with animators for children, with circus artists, ”said Alexander Presman.

According to the people’s deputy, residents of cities and settlements in rural areas should have the same quality of life. Equally high — in all respects. And in matters of satisfying cultural needs, too.

“How many people from the districts can go to concerts in Odessa? And to Kiev? I wish there were as many as possible, of course. But so far this is not available to everyone.
And so that the workers could have a good rest in the Days of the Village and on other dates, I consider it my duty to make a holiday. So that they remember that in life there is a place and rest. I really want such holidays to unite people in joy. Therefore, I organized performances in our district of favorite stars: Olya Polyakova, Oleg Vinnik, Katya Buzhinsky, Garik Krichevsky, Pavel Zibrov, TIK, Lisapetniy Battalion, Valera Yurchenko, Sasha Kvarty and many others ”- wrote the people’s deputy.


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