«MUST RUN FOR THE TITUES.» The people’s deputy told about the clash in a scandalous residence in the field

The politician claims that there was no executive service in the building.

MP from the Servant of the People Roman Grischuk told the details

In Kiev, unidentified men in uniform with tear gas and collisions seized a hostel
clashes under the dormitory on Polevoy Street in Kiev, where athletic youths broke into the building.

According to him, the aunts by force with bats and tear gas drove people out of their homes.

“When I arrived, the aunts were already barricading themselves in the hostel. Only I, the MP, managed to get inside. Only after personal calls to the district police chief did the police finally react and delay 10 (

Open case and 11 detainees. Kiev police announced their version of the clashes under the dormitory
11 detainees on police data — Ed.) Of fifty titles, «said Grischuk on Facebook.

He emphasized that the indicated persons did not have any documents, and he never saw the executive service in the building. The politician added that the conflict around the building has been going on for two years.

«At the beginning of autumn, light and gas were cut off. The city ignores the situation. More than twenty children live in inhuman conditions. Since the summer, my team of lawyers has been working on this issue in the legal field. But it seems to me that the situation has gone beyond the legal field. Today, instead of working on laws , due to the complete inactivity of the local government, I have to run for aunts in the district and break barricades in the house, «the politician wrote.

Grischuk added that he was helping the dormitory residents record the beatings as a result of the collision and promised to continue to inform everyone about the situation, from the prosecutor’s office to the president.

Recall that on the morning of November 7 in Kiev on Polevaya Street, clashes occurred near the scandalous hostel. People in masks and various forms with security service patches seized the hostel and did not let residents into the building. Windows and doors were knocked out on the ground floor. Residents broadcasted the conflict and reported beating. People’s deputy Roman Grischuk arrived at the scene, and the police arrived at the dormitory, who began to detain the “aunts”. The detainees found a lot of weapons, in particular knives.


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