MP Yaremenko: President’s reports to the Rada are in the form of annual or extraordinary messages, and not at the request of a fraction

Bohdan Yaremenko, the deputy of the Servant of the People faction, the head of the committee on foreign policy and inter-parliamentary cooperation, said that President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky is implementing foreign policy in accordance with Ukrainian law and is not obliged to report on his activities to parliament at the request of some factions.

“I want to answer my colleagues from the Golos and European Solidarity factions, who demand either a report on the situation in negotiations with Russia or determination of directives for the President of Ukraine how to conduct these negotiations. I am not ironic, but I still do not understand the essence of the requirements of my colleagues. After all, the leaders of all the factions received exhaustive explanations from the president according to the «Steinmeier formula» and, as most of them said, took them. But, it seems, they could not convince their factions. It happens, «Yaremenko wrote on his Facebook page on tverg.

He noted that in addition to the Rules of Procedure of the Verkhovna Rada, there is a Constitution that defines the powers of various branches of government. The «reports» of the President of Ukraine to the Verkhovna Rada are in the form of annual or extraordinary messages to the Verkhovna Rada. Not at the request of part of the factions, but as necessary, which the president himself determines, «the parliamentarian said.

Yaremenko suggested that «to the accompaniment of the protests that they are fanning through their own media, it seems that some in the Verkhovna Rada are simply trying to take over the presidential powers in an unconstitutional way.» «This will not work …. The people of Ukraine instructed President Zelensky to implement his program. And President Zelensky did not hide that he would seek peace. Not surrender, which was signed before him twice in Minsk, but arrangements that would stop the killings, firstly , and the return of the occupied Ordlo to Ukraine, and secondly. And he has every right to choose tactics and a strategy for negotiating, «the People’s Deputy emphasized.

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