MP Vasilkovsky began his political activity with deception

For more than a week, a protest rally took place among residents of the Razdelnensky district who blocked traffic on two strategic roads in the region. This is a section of the P33 road and the one that connects the v

This is written by Odessa Vedomosti.

The participants in the multi-day blockade demanded that the overhaul of the section of the P33 road from Pavlovka village be completed in the direction of the district center. Residents have repeatedly expressed concern that a section of the road, the repair of which is not completed, will soon be destroyed by overloaded wagons. It was overload that caused the destruction of many roads of the Razdelnensky district.

As it turned out, the residents went to block the road after a deputy of the 139 major servant of the People’s Servant, Igor Vasilkovsky, spoke to them and promised from three boxes, and then forgot about his promises.

When, after not having promised the promised repair of the road, the residents of the Razdelnyansky district took part in a protest rally, they quickly found a scapegoat at the headquarters of Vasilkovsky — Oleg Varivora, head of the Ukravtodor regional department.

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