MP Skichko: without effective control «of UZ» will not be the case

The reason for the lack of new multimodal logistics centers in the railway industry of Ukraine is allegedly the lack of trade, said the strategic development director of Ukrzaliznytsia Anton Sobolevsky at a meeting at the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine on October 28. This was reported on a page on Facebook by the deputy of the faction of the party “Servant of the People”, the chairman of the subcommittee on rail transport in the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Transport and Infrastructure Alexander Skichko, writes

He noted that the meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure, a representative of the World Bank, Baher Al-Hifnawi; business representatives; members of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Transport and Infrastructure; representatives of Ukrzaliznytsia.

According to Skichko, when asked by a representative of the World Bank why new logistic hubs are not being created in Ukraine, the director of strategic development of UZ Anton Sobolevsky replied that “business does not want because of a lack of turnover”. This answer outraged the MP. He set forth his vision of the reasons for this state of affairs.

“What? !!! Are you seriously? Not because today the procedure for obtaining permits to open such a logistics center is more like 12 circles of hell! Not because over the past 5 years we have seen a tendency to a constant drop in the speed of trains, and today it is indecently low? Not because traction is distributed manually and the business constantly complains about corruption? Not because the depreciation of fixed assets is approximately 90%? No, the problem is in insufficient turnover! ”Skichko shared his thoughts.

According to him, in 2009, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted Decree No. 1390 of December 16, 2009 with the approval of the program for reforming the railway industry in Ukraine from 2009 to 2019.

The new bill No. 1196-1 develops the revolutionary steps taken ten years ago. This document, according to Skichko, should give an impetus to the industry. It includes the following items:

Establishment of a (joint-stock) company;
Differentiation of economic functions and functions of public administration;
Formation of vertically integrated structures by type of activity (freight transportation, passenger transportation, infrastructure, provision of locomotive traction services);
Ensuring equal access for all business entities to infrastructure;
The elimination of cross-subsidization of passenger traffic at the expense of freight.
The chairman of the railway transport subcommittee, Alexander Skichko, noted that, as of 2019, of the above stages, only the first item “creating the Company” was completed.

“That is, no matter what the bill of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted, there would be no business without effective management of the KM! I, as the chairman of the subcommittee on rail transport issues, turn to the management of UZ: what prevented you from carrying out this reform all this time? How did it happen that today you brought the state-owned UZ company to the disastrous state it is in now ??? ”, Skichko summed up.

Recall that in July 2018, Belarus proposed that Ukraine create a railway hub in the EU through the Izov-Grubeshiv border crossing.

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