MP Shpenov about «video with her grandmother»: I had a number of suspicions of its authenticity

Parliamentary deputy Dmitry Shpenov, whose charitable assistance caused a scandalous video involving an elderly woman and unknown people, expressed some of his suspicions.

«Dear friends! Thank you for your concern! But regarding the sensational video, I had a number of suspicions about its reliability:

— Help from the Charity Foundation is on the right in branded packages, and here is black
— a full set of help is not visible — only similar pasta
— there is no election campaign right now, but in the video we are talking about it
— an internal survey showed that there is no such grandmother in Ingulz and there are no applications from her / girlfriends / relatives either to the police or to my reception
— the context of comments began to go into politics

I am very concerned that me and the work of the foundation may have started to be used for something else.

And the video somewhere disappeared from the fake source and began to live its own life. This is alarming.

In general, there is confidence that no one was hurt. Otherwise, a grandmother would have been found long ago, since the Ingulets are friendly and everyone knows each other, ”he wrote on his Facebook page.

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