MP Roksolana Pidlasa said that she found out the value of her bag from the material «Country»

Yesterday, «Strana» wrote that the deputies of «Servants of the People» 25-year-old Roksolana Pidlasoy and 39-year-old Oksana Dmitrieva have the same bags of the Italian brand Dolce & Gabanna. This is the Sicily model from the famous Italian fashion house, which was created by designers Domenico Dolce and Steffano Gabbana. Roxolana has black and Oksana has red. It costs € 1325 or 35 351 hryvnias.

«Country» asked Pidlasoy whether it is original or fake, and where did she get this accessory. “I learned about the cost of this bag from your socialite. And yes, it stands like a phone,” the deputy says, alluding to most likely the latest iPhone smartphone model, which we have already counted in Parliament.

Pidalasa also added that she didn’t buy this bag, but theoretically she could: “We must not forget that in my previous life, I earned from 45 to 65 thousand hryvnias per month. Therefore, if I could afford to buy a phone from my salary Of course, I can also buy a bag for myself. The only branded bag in my wardrobe is this one. The rest of the bags I buy in the Ukrainian brand Kocharovska, but for some reason no one photographs or writes them. It’s a pity because I support the Ukrainian manufacturer My clothes are mainly mass-market brands :. Partly Ukrainian, and something such as Zara Incidentally, Oksana Dmitrieva, we did not discuss our bags, as we have more important topics to discuss. »

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