MP Rabinowitz also flew to Oman in early January

MP from the Opposition Platform — For Life Vadim Rabinovich caused laughter from his colleagues after the story that he was resting in Oman on New Year’s holidays.

MP from the «Opposition Platform — For Life» Vadim Rabinovich said that he rested in Oman on New Year’s holidays. He told his colleagues about this at one of the meetings when they asked him a question about where he was sunbathing, the publication of the letter.

The name of the country caused a great laugh among the deputies, the newspaper writes.

“And what’s so? Yes, in Oman,” Rabinovich answered.

In early January, the story about the trip to Oman of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky got a resonance. On January 5, Strana reported that he had gone to rest in this Middle Eastern country. The OPU confirmed that the head of the Ukrainian state is in Oman, and stated that «he went there with his family on a regular plane for his money.» «In the coming days, the head of state plans to hold summits,» it was informed.

Until the news about Zelensky’s vacation appeared in the media, his press service did not announce the visit of the head of state to Oman. On 5 January, the President’s office also informed that Zelensky met with Oman’s Foreign Minister Yusuf bin Alyawi bin Abdallah. On January 6, the press service of the head of the Ukrainian state announced that Zelensky had a meeting with the executive president of Oman’s state general reserve fund Abdulsalam al-Murshidi.

On the morning of January 8, Zelensky’s press service announced that he had interrupted his visit to Oman and was urgently returning to Ukraine due to the crash of a Ukrainian plane in Iran.

The publication, citing data from the RadarBox24 service, wrote that the superjet, which belongs to MP from the Opposition Platform — For Life, Viktor Medvedchuk, arrived in Oman on the evening of January 7 and returned to Ukraine the next day at 18.27 . According to journalists, the plane, returning to Kiev, made stops in Moscow and Gomel (Belarus).

Social activist Vadim Labas announced on January 11 on the Straight television channel that Zelensky could secretly meet with Presidential Aide Vladislav Surkov while in Oman. He claimed that the president of Ukraine returned to Kiev on Medvedchuk’s plane.

Medvedchuk said that his daughter’s family flew from Oman to Moscow by plane and that there was no Surkov on it.

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