MP Allahvedrieva «consulted with a team of lawyers» and decided not to take the polygraph: «I do not want to take part in someone else’s show»

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Irina Allakhverdieva said that she would not pass a lie detector, because she did not want to make excuses to “fake anti-corruption”.

She wrote about this on her Facebook page.

Allahverdiyeva stated that passing the polygraph by Alexander Dubinsky and David Arahamia was the result of a bet and an attempt to prove that no one was afraid of anything.

“I respect my colleagues, Mr. Dubinsky and Mr. Arahamia, for whom, as I understood from their public statements, the polygraph turned into a bet so that by refusing, no one would blame them for any of them fears. Therefore, each of them courageously accepted the challenge that responded to the media wave that rose around them, ”said Allahverdiyeva.

Allahverdiyeva herself, according to her, does not want to participate in other people’s shows and answer the accusations of ex-people’s deputy Sergei Leshchenko, calling him a fake anti-corruption.

“Another media wave was artificially created for me, and I didn’t want to take part in someone else’s show: I was personally the first to be accused by the fake newsmaker, I won’t even give his name because his goal was PR. If I started to make excuses and in response to those fake accusations would run to a polygraph, I would add points to this fake anti-corruption and show everyone that I feel guilty, ”the People’s Deputy wrote.

She also stated that she had consulted with her lawyers and decided not to go for a lie detector test.

“And now, about the show, and why I agree with Mr. Razumkov: I consulted with my team of lawyers, and we determined that the polygraph data cannot serve as evidence in criminal proceedings, and on their basis it is impossible to open a case against someone, — reported Irina Allahverdieva. However, if law enforcement agencies decide that she must go through a polygraph, she will. And if law enforcement agencies officially invite me to ask a question on this case, or if they theoretically ask me to go through a polygraph, then there are no questions, ”added Allahverdiyeva.

We will remind, at a meeting of the parliamentary committee on finance, tax and customs policy, 11 people’s deputies from «Servants of the People», including the Nikolaev deputy Irina Allakhverdieva, did not vote for bill No. 2047-d on the elimination of corruption schemes during the evaluation of real estate. Ex-people’s deputy Sergei Leshchenko said that the leadership of the faction suspects that some of the people’s deputies from the «SN» refused to support the draft law for a fee of $ 30 thousand.

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