Most PPOs will support the new Electoral Code, the majority will be against the majority, — Berezenko, the people’s deputy

The new Electoral Code, which provides for a proportional system in parliamentary elections, is going to be supported by the majority of members of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction. At the same time, all deputies of the faction elected in the majority districts are against such a decision.
About this in the commentary «Gromadsky» told the deputy chairman of the BPP faction Sergei Berezenko, reports Tsenzor.NET.

«It will be the majority, but not 100% of the votes. Against — all mazhorotarschiki. No arguments on them do not work, because they worked for five years in their constituencies and now have from 50 to 60 percent support,» he said.

When asked whether this convocation of parliament could adopt the proposed code, Berezenko replied: «These 4,500 amendments, which were worked out by a working group and were referred to the committee, should be clearly and professionally analyzed at committee meetings. It seems to me … it will be very difficult in a month all these edits in the committee, and yes even vote in the hall, given the potential resistance of the majority-winners. »

The draft electoral code of the Verkhovna Rada approved in first reading in November 2017. It provides for the abolition of majority districts and the introduction of a proportional system with open party lists.

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