Mosiychuk threatened Shabunin with violence

Not comic passions turned around after Shabunin’s Anti-Corruption Center saw “traces” from the computer of a deputy from the Opposition bloc Alexander Dolzhenkov on a document signed by Mosiychuk.

The reaction from the «radical» was instantaneous. On Facebook, he wrote that the draft decree of BP of his authorship on the responsibility of Uliana Suprun for the assignment of powers of the acting. The Minister of Health was written on his computer, not on someone else’s. Mosiychuk also broke out with insults against Shabunin. We will not quote the people’s deputy. He obviously didn’t pick up the words.

Also, to prove his case, Mosiychuk in one of his comments threatened to set himself on fire either at the US embassy or at the rostrum of parliament. True, he changed his mind later.

The assistant to the radical took the blow. Tatiana Bliznyuk on Facebook first began to assure that she personally wrote the draft resolution, but she could not explain how the properties of the file were sent to Dolzhenkov’s computer. She later confessed that she used a “alien” pattern. That is, the original document in which she wrote the text from Mosiychuk was the draft of Dolzhenkova from 2015. So whatever one may say, but the classic expression “look for a woman” comes to mind. Although the context is different.

Now Mosiychuk says he wants to pass a lie detector test. And social activists threatens to burn with napalm like cockroaches.

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