Minakov: Tymoshenko in Munich strongly forged Ukraine

Presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko during a meeting with the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, has forged Ukraine, assured the well-known political analyst Oleksiy Minakov.

Minakov in Facebook criticized Tymoshenko for dangerous populism.

Tymoshenko visited the Munich Security Conference, where she met with IMF Director Christine Lagarde. During the conversation, she remembered the «chips» of her election campaign. She hinted that the next agreement between Ukraine and the IMF should take into account the reduction of gas prices.

«For a part of the Ukrainian electorate (as a rule, illiterate people) a picture is something that needs to be. It is clear. The true «wrestler for the impoverished» people against whom the authorities made a «tariff genocide.» But imagine how unpredictable and potentially inconsistent we look for our western partners, «Minakov said indignantly. He reminded that the market prices for gas — one of the main requirements of the IMF to Ukraine and to make concessions on this issue nobody will.

The blogger is convinced that the IMF is very watchful attitude to Ukraine. Because of Tymoshenko’s words, investors suspect they want to deceive.

«In Christine Lagarde, probably, the brain drain from some of our populist politicians … Not yet becoming president of Ukraine and not having the majority in the Verkhovna Rada, somebody is running ahead of the locomotive and brazenly shaking his rights in front of global financial donors … Someone is very reminiscent of «Maduro in skirts», — stated the political observer, assuring that Tymoshenko’s populism is very dangerous.


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