Millions of Onishchenko’s firms have been taken out of arrest

The court abolished the arrest of corporate rights of the «Maidan-Plaza» firm, which appears in the case of stealing money by the People’s Commissar, fugitive Oleksandr Onyshchenko.

The Solomyansky District Court of Kyiv approved the corresponding decision on March 19.

Judge Vadim Senin canceled the arrest of 5,135,600 UAH of the statutory capital, which was imposed almost a year ago.

At that time, the firm belonged to Onishchenko’s mother, Innesi Kadyrov, who, together with her son, was accused of stealing gas obtained jointly with the state-owned «Ukrgazvydobuvannya».

However, after the arrest, the company rewrote the Swiss «Hessis SA», and recently, in March 2019, to the newly-created Kiev «Seal Company».

It is this firm that has asked the court to cancel the arrest.

Currently, only a short version of the decision is published in the register, so it is unknown what the owners themselves have argued for, and why the court agreed with them. The decision can not be appealed.

The money arrested was transferred to the National Agency for the Investigation and Management of Investigations. They were on the deposit account. If the final verdict in the case against Onishchenko would have ordered the court to confiscate the property, the funds accumulated on the deposit would go to the state budget.

The company «Seal Company», which was rewrote Onishchenko’s business, was registered only 3 months ago, supposedly for the purchase and sale of real estate.

The new beneficiary of «Maidan-Plaza» is Vadim V. Slovichak. Judging by the data from open sources, Slivchak is a 47-year-old Kyiv actor. He has no other business, he is spoken by a man in a multistory of Darnytskyi district of Kyiv.

Company «Maidan-Plaza» has premises in the center of Kiev at address Khreshchatyk, 27-B. According to the investigation, it was there that the office of Onishchenko’s criminal organization was located.

This property was arrested, however, in April 2018, the court quashed this arrest.


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