Mikhail Bno-Hayriyan leaves the Kiev regional administration

The chairman of the Kiev regional state administration, Mikhail Bno-Hayriyan, decided to leave. He refuses to comment on his decision, but gave a hint that a new person already exists in his place.

KV learned about this from the publication of the head of the Kiev regional state administration, Mikhail Bno-Ayriyan, on Facebook.

He published a photo of his letter of resignation on October 20, 2019 addressed to President Vladimir Zelensky, commenting on his quote from Andrei Chumak’s work “The Garden of Hetsimansky”.

Bno-Hayriyan declined to comment on the reasons for this decision. But he succinctly noted: “There, in theory, there will be a new person, but I don’t know. Follow the news. I will not comment. But there is a reason! ”

Recall that Bno-Hayriyan managed to work in the Kiev Regional State Administration for 100 days, about the accomplishments for which he told reporters in his office on October 18 at a press conference he convened. We talked, among other things, about money, decisions, conflicts, rumors, shots, and how he works with the people of the “fannies”.

In September, a conflict occurred between him and Verkhovna Rada deputy Alexander Dubinsky. Dubinsky insisted that the people of Igor Kononenko are still sitting in two district administrations (Vasilkovskaya and Obukhovskaya), as well as in the Kiev regional state administration (ex-people’s deputy, head of the Kiev regional BPP, friend Petro Poroshenko, — KV), and they only sit there, that the head of KOGA, Mikhail Bno-Hayriyan, can also be closely connected with him.

The second “attack” occurred after the decision of the Kyiv City Council on increasing tariffs for heating two communal heating enterprises in the Kiev region. Dubinsky argued that this, as well as an increase in the authorized capital of some utilities on the same day, was done so that Bno-Ayriyan and the head of the regional council, Nikolai Starichenko, would buy premium cars. The governor hastened to assure that the cars would be bought including — but of a different kind and for another matter.

Dubinsky did not stop and said that the governor of the Kiev region, Mikhail Bno-Hayriyan, and the leaders of the regional council “agreed” to redistribute 70 million hryvnias of budget funds to medicine. According to Dubinsky, the cost of a linear accelerator was doubled. And while the people’s deputy prepares an appeal to law enforcement agencies, the governor himself assures that he is not engaged in procurement, therefore what is happening is not his responsibility.

In turn, Bno-Ayriyan did not reveal the reasons for the swara with Dubinsky to the last. He recorded the video, answered the accusations, but only at a press conference devoted to 100 days on the post stated that the people’s deputy claimed control over the appointment of the heads of the RSA in Obukhov and Vasilkovsky districts (in fact, Dubinsky district), but was refused.


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