Maxim Buzhansky: How to break the inhabitants of Odessa

The people’s deputy Maxim Buzhansky after the story with the demolition of the bas-relief to Marshal Zhukov in Odessa urged the inhabitants of Odessa to defend their monuments. Otherwise, they will be left without Catherine and without Duke.
Buzhansky expressed his opinion regarding the people who dismantled the bas-relief to Marshal Zhukov on his telegram channel.

“I read that the inhabitants of Odessa came with lamps to the place of repulsion from the wall of the bas-relief to Zhukov. Sorry, but this is very funny. In Odessa, a city, to put it mildly, quite negatively related to the bas-relief, lamp lamps? Really? I hope that I am wrong, but you either give pi @ dy once to the chimes and you will not need lamps. Or get ready to carry them to the monument to Catherine, Duke, everything that is dear to you, familiar, close. Well, they’re not breaking monuments, they are breaking you, and the icon lamps are of little help in this matter, ”wrote Buzhansky.

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