Make a monster — the people’s deputy Dubnevich declared that custom-made television stories are being prepared against him

The plot should be devoted to the gas fraud of the Dubnevich brothers at the CHP
People’s deputy of the parliamentary group «For the Future» Yaroslav Dubnevich said that opponents are preparing custom-made television programs against him and his brother Bogdan Dubnevich. He announced this on his Facebook page.

“You want to know how odiousness is acquired? It’s really simple — a few custom-made negative materials in the press — and a corresponding image with stickers attached is provided. And if the TV channel is under the control of your political opponent, then this is even easier. Unfortunately, custom-made stories in the media become the norm in the political struggle and not only. I publish an example of such an order that everyone sees and then is not surprised, «the People’s Deputy wrote.

According to the texts of the relevant announcements and scenarios that Dubnevich published, the plot should be devoted to the gas fraud of the Dubnevich brothers at the CHP in the cities of Novoyavorovsk and Novy Section in the Lviv region. As you know, two years ago they were transferred to the management of ARMA, and people’s deputies were accused of gas scams.

According to the document published by the politician, representatives of the General Prosecutor’s Office, NABU, ARMA, some people’s deputies, the head of the president’s office Andrei Bogdan and several Lviv journalists should confirm and comment on the odiousness of the Dubnevichi in the material.

“Many people will ask: who is the customer? One can still guess here. But it’s obvious that now, under the pretext of fighting corruption, some are trying once again to make monsters from Dubnevichi that need to be fought, especially when the local elections are approaching. Well, how do you to justify the failed confiscation of two CHPPs with the subsequent inability to establish their work, «the deputy added.

As previously reported in the media, in 2018 Novoyavorovskaya and Novorazdolskaya CHPPs were arrested and transferred to the National Agency for the Identification, Search and Management of Assets Obtained from Corruption and Other Crimes (ARMA). According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the final beneficiaries of all three companies are brothers Yaroslav and Bogdan Dubnevichi.

Having seized the thermal power station, the ARMA determined for them the new manager of Garant Energy M. After that, there was a breakdown in the heating season in Novoyavorovsk and Novy Rozdol, and workers were massively fired from the CHP.

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