Lukashev: the law on education is not implemented without the necessary funding

The politician believes that the problems of teachers should be addressed first

The law on full general secondary education will not work fully without adequate funding. This was during a briefing in the Verkhovna Rada said the deputy of the Opposition Platform — For Life, Alexander Lukashev, reports RBC-Ukraine.

«The Verkhovna Rada in the second reading adopted the law on full secondary education. Of course, this is the result of titanic work on the preparation of this document. But all these ideas, which are introduced in the law and aimed at improving the efficiency of the educational process, require adequate funding,» he stressed parliamentarian.

He recalled that Cabinet Decree No. 822 was suspended for a year, which means that the increase in salaries for teachers has been delayed by the same amount.

«Rural teachers do not receive $ 4,000, as promised. Teachers cannot feed themselves at all. What level and quality of education in rural schools can be discussed when the teacher is hungry? What will he teach the children?» Asked the politician.

According to Lukashev, in the Luhansk region, education suffers not only due to lack of funding, but also because of infrastructure.

«First-graders are traveling 80 kilometers a day to get to school and return home. Do you know what roads are in the Luhansk region? School buses break down and cannot withstand the load, you need to buy school helicopters,» the People’s Deputy added.

The politician noted that the urgent problems of teachers and schoolchildren must be addressed first.

«Prime Minister Goncharuk said that education is the first thing the new government will focus on. But we see that the laws and regulations that we adopt do not work without money. We should think about this, and not about raising the salaries of officials. Especially then when Smelyansky and Kobolev earn millions a day, and teachers earn a penny, ”he concluded.

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