«Learned from the media.» Dubnevich reacted to Ryaboshapka’s performance

The people’s deputy claims that he has not been handed a copy of the document
People’s Deputy Yaroslav Dubnevich reacted to the presentation of the Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapki, in which he asked the parliament to allow criminal prosecution of the former. The people’s deputy’s reaction appeared on his page on Facebook.

Dubnevich said that he had learned from Ryaboshapka of the presentation from the media on October 17. Until now, according to him, the speaker of the Rada, Dmitry Razumkov, did not inform him of this and also did not provide a copy of the document. This fact, the deputy believes, makes it impossible to give them explanations and consideration of the document by the relevant committee.

«I emphasize that I was in the Verkhovna Rada on the 17th and 18th, I wasn’t hiding anywhere, but the document was not provided to me,» the People’s Deputy assures and declares «violation of his rights and regulations.»

Dubnevich linked the idea of ​​the GPU in relation to himself with his political activities, as well as his non-voting for some bills. «I absolutely reject all suspicions and accusations against me and consider it a political order,» he added.


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