Law enforcers have become electoral technology in the presidential election, experts say

Kiev. February 13th INTERFAX-UKRAINE — The law-enforcement agencies of Ukraine in the current presidential campaign are electoral technology, mechanism of influence and adjustment of candidates’ ratings, experts and political scientists say.

«In this election campaign, a tendency has emerged when election headquarters use law enforcement as electoral technology, which can save quite a lot of money, in particular on information drives,» said an expert on Interfax-Ukraine’s press conference on Wednesday. election organization Yuri Podorozhnaya.

According to him, public activity of law enforcement officers, who regularly announces the number of applications for violations of electoral legislation and their initiated criminal proceedings on applications, «secured the status of the main actors of the presidential campaign as law enforcers.»

Y.Porozhozhnaya expressed the opinion that the number of references in the media of the Ministry of Internal Affairs even outstrips the candidates for the post of the head of state, which can testify to the influence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the media content.

At the same time, the expert believes that events near the Podilsky district police department of Kiev did not add trust to the police. «For sincerity of apologies … few believed,» — said Y.Porozhozhnaya.

Member of the NGO «Ukrainian Center for Social Development» political scientist Igor Reiterovich, in turn, added: «Representatives of various political forces record numerous violations using law enforcement bodies as a technology or mechanism of influence on their opponents … a mechanism that … depending on the situation allows you to adjust the ratings. »

In turn, a member of the NGO «Ukrainian Center for Social Development» political scientist Yaroslav Telshun noted unequal response of law enforcement agencies to violating election legislation by various political forces: «In relation to some political forces, the law-enforcement system is working in accordance with the law … and in relation to others, closes the eyes or does not pay due attention attention «.

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