Kolomoisky says that the people’s deputy Medyanik is not his friend, and advised him to hand over the mandate

It is reported by Depo.ua with reference to the «Country».

In particular, the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, communicating with the Nikolaev journalists from the Nikvesti publication, disowned his acquaintance with the notorious deputy Vyacheslav Medyanik and advised him not to disgrace the parliamentary majority.

The journalist began talking to Kolomoisky about the people’s deputy Medianik, to which the oligarch immediately said that this was not his person and that information about his connection with this people’s deputy was not true.

He also said that Medyanik was involved in at least three corruption scandals, «which will be very loudly announced next week,» and Kolomoisky advises him to resign and resign at best. »

To the replica of the journalist that Medianik is a majoritarian, Kolomoisky replied as follows: “From what I heard, he is better off not being a deputy. In order not to disgrace the majority.”


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