Kherson people’s deputy assured that nothing threatens the monument «Legendary Tachanka»

Earlier it was reported about a letter from the Institute of National Remembrance to the Kakhovka City Hall with a demand to demolish the monuments «Legendary cart» and «Girl in an Overcoat.»
The people’s deputy from the Kherson region Vladimir Ivanov wrote on Facebook about this:

«Regarding the fate of the» Legendary cart »
On January 13, Facebook’s mayor Kakhovka Andrey Dyachenko announced on Facebook that he was starting a “fight” to preserve the “Legendary Tachanka” monument and posted a letter with the corresponding “demand” of the Institute of National Remembrance.
Based on the results of my conversation with a representative of the Institute of National Remembrance, I want to emphasize that this letter is only a recommendation. The Institute, as a specialized body on this issue, received a corresponding appeal from a citizen of Ukraine, to which the Institute was obliged to respond within its authority.
That is, there is no political or targeted work to demolish the «Legendary cart» in this situation.
Moreover, the norms of the law of Ukraine “On the condemnation of communist and national-socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and the prohibition of propaganda of their symbols” are determined by local authorities solely as local authorities, so without the decision of the city council, nothing threatens the monument.
I want to assure the public that neither the Servant of the People political party, nor I personally, as the people’s deputy of Ukraine, will support any attempts to eliminate the Legendary Tachanka. The issue will be under personal control. »

Note that in a letter to the Kakhovka City Hall, the deputy director of the Institute of National Memory threatens with criminal liability for failure to comply with the “recommendations” and speaks of “mandatory dismantling”:

“Thus, these monuments are symbols of the communist totalitarian regime, as they are devoted to events related to the activities of the communist party, the establishment of Soviet power in Ukraine, the persecution of participants in the struggle for the independence of Ukraine in the 20th century and are subject to mandatory dismantling.

We inform you that Art. 3 of the mentioned Law, propaganda of the communist and national-socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes and their symbols is recognized as an abuse of the memory of millions of victims of the communist totalitarian regime, national-socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regime and is prohibited by law. In accordance with Art. 436-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “the manufacture, distribution of communist, Nazi symbols and propaganda of communist and national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes” is a criminal offense and “is punishable by restriction of liberty for up to five years or imprisonment for the same term, with confiscation property or without it. »

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