«It was late for a second»: the people’s deputy complained that did not manage to register in Rada

Since November 1, new rules have been in force — refusal from paper registration, only electronic registration, said the people’s deputy.

People’s deputy from the party «Servant of the People» Yelena Moshenets said that because of the entry into force of the law on sanctions for deputies for absenteeism, she could not register for the meeting of the Rada, because she was late for electronic registration.

She announced this on her Facebook page. “I’ve been late for registration for 1 second and that’s all — today the day of work in the Verkhovna Rada has not been counted. From November 1, new rules apply — refusal from paper registration, only electronic registration by pressing the green button,” the deputy wrote. According to the Fraudster, such an innovation is «strict, but fair.» However, the explanation on the Rada’s website says the following: “before the opening of each plenary meeting in the Verkhovna Rada’s conference room, a deputy is registered using the electronic system by pressing the“ for ”button. but during the plenary session he voted on the agenda items of the plenary meeting using the electronic system, it is considered registered using the electronic system. » As UNIAN reported earlier, on October 31, Anna Skorokhod, a member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Energy and Housing and Utilities Services, burst into tears in the session hall of the parliament because of her amendments to the bill.



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