It became known why the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption decided to deal with the courts

The NAPK decided to deal with the judicial system and the integrity of judges, since the opinion poll showed the popularity of the topic, but forgot about themselves.
The head of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPK), Alexander Novikov, explained why they decided to deal with the integrity of judges there. The motivation, as it turned out, is that this is a popular topic now.

“Due to the specifics of the NAPK work, most Ukrainians associate it with checking declarations. In fact, financial control is one of the tools of the corruption prevention system. The anti-corruption strategy that the NAPK is currently developing will be able to ensure the teamwork of all government bodies. And the judiciary is key in this process. The study of the perception of corruption, which was conducted by the NAPC at the beginning of the year, says: entrepreneurs (57%) and the population (52%) put the fight against corruption in the judicial system in the first place, «Novikov said.

What kind of research was carried out at NAPK?
Details Alexander Novikov outlined in his blog for «UP». Based on his blog, the research was not carried out by the NAPK itself — the agency employees simply read the materials of opinion polls. In particular, the «Razumkov Center».

“Before the robotics over the Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2020-2024, the Fakhivtsi NAZK vivchized the results of dozens of distinguished subject sociological reports of Corruption held 5-7 years ago.

So, the experience, like the provinces of the Razumkov Center in the fierce 2020 rock, indicated that the courts (the court system) would sooner or even more than 13.2% of the respondents, and the indicators of the balance of power (-62.4) by the lowest average , — Novikov gives an argument.

It is worth recalling here that according to the last poll of the same «Razumkov Center» in July 2020, confidence in the NAPK has dropped significantly.

So, according to the latest sociological research «Six months in a pandemic: what has changed in the mood and electoral preferences of Ukrainians (July 2020 Sociology)», conducted by the sociological service of the Razumkov Center together with the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation » trusted by 70% of those surveyed. Of these — 39.4% of total distrust (this indicator is worse than that of the local court, the Supreme and Constitutional Court).

Only 0.7% of the respondents fully trust the NAPK (for comparison, 1.6% fully trust the local court, 1.9%, the Supreme Court, 1.8%).

It would be possible to write off such low trust in the institution headed by Alexander Novikov to the past leadership (as the head of the NAPK himself likes to declare), but then why was the trust in the NAPC much higher in October 2019?

So, in October 2019, the Razumkov Center, together with the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, also conducted a sociological survey, and then NAPK was completely distrusted by significantly fewer respondents — 23.8% (against the current almost 40%). Then 2% completely trusted NAPK, “rather trusted” — 19.8%.

What does Alexander Novikov offer?

As follows from the author’s blog of the head of the NAPK, the population polls served as the basis for taking up judicial reform.

“The main task of the Anti-Corruption Strategy is to protect the teamwork of all the authorities in order to improve the corruption and control of the organization for the offensive legislative changes. And, obviously, judge by part of the process.

Prior to that, since 2016, the criterion of the integrity and obligations of confirming the legitimacy of the dzherel is similar to the constitutional vimogami prior to judgments, according to Articles 126 and 127 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

Do not go beyond the framework of constitutional attributions, we proponated for renewal doviri to the judges that vimogh of the Constitution as follows:

In the first place, the Anti-Corruption Strategy project has been transferred to the Commission for the Nutrition of Integrity. Smarter recognition — to ensure a one-time assessment of the members of the Victory for the sake of justice (GRP) according to the criteria of integrity and professional ethics. Tsya komіsіya bude square that doesn’t matim control more important.

In a different way, dobir suddiv maє vidbuvatisya vidkrito. We propose in the implementation of the correct and transfer of the criteria of integrity and professional ethics for the assessment and goodness of judges. For an hour, the decision is worthy of praise and recognition of the judges of the members of the All-Qualified Comission of Judges and the VRP show the bali to the candidates on the basis of the criteria, and not anonymously.

Thirdly, I have taken care of the discipline of judgment of judges for wrongdoing. The judges may carry a real conviction for the deliberately unjust decision. The provision of disciplinary performance of judges is intended in such a way, so that judges can predict their behavior.

Such a decision was made to use the international goiters of Ukraine, in the wake of the new Memorandum of Ukraine from the IMF and recently signed the Memorandum of Understanding on the provision of macro-financial support.

Such a decision was made to use the international goiters of Ukraine, in the wake of the new Memorandum of Ukraine from the IMF and recently signed the Memorandum of Understanding on the provision of macro-financial support.

From these documents, Ukraine has already taken on a crop of amendments prior to the Law on the GRP and, prior to the decision of the Constitutional Court, to establish a committee for the preliminary reconsideration of potential candidates from the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Tsia Committee carried out a similar one-time conversion of the ranks of the GRP members. Accept half of the members of the committee will be qualified experts in accordance with the established ethical standards and judged by the information, including those from the general information of the countries of the world.

Tobto the Comics itself for the nutrition of integrity, about how the NAZK speaks at the Anti-Corruption Strategy Project. In addition, the whole process is based on the international standards of disciplinary provision, one hundred percent of the court.

We understand that we are constantly changing the ship’s power in the process of reforming and assessing itself as a corruptive rizik, and also judged to appear as fallow in these ongoing processes.

By using the Anti-Corruption Strategy є to preserve the integrity of the good court power for fair justice in the midst of intelligent lines of procedures. Tsyogo can reach, deprived of the guesswork, go in at a nice term.

Mi rosumі системаmo, that the ship’s system can be spoken of by the Anti-Corruption Strategic, but we proponate the mixture є tough and tart, however, the goodness of the judges has long been transformed from the thunderous food, which has become exactly

The very fact of proponenting crock is no alternative, abi Ukraine has not opted for the middle of «nationals, as they do not fall for,» the head of the NAPK emphasizes.

It should be noted that the judicial system has already expressed its position regarding the above-mentioned Anti-Corruption Strategy and it consists in the fact that the development of such strategies without the judges themselves is a direct intervention of the executive power in justice and a desire to take over functions unusual for the NACP.

On July 31, the High Council of Justice will openly discuss this Strategy, including with the invitation of a representative of the NACP.

Let us remind you that earlier the NAPC held such a discussion without the participation of judges.

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