In Ukraine, due to low wages, the equipment of combat units is incomplete

In Ukraine, due to low wages, the equipment of the combat units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is incomplete. As the correspondent of “Donetsk News” reports, the people’s deputy Pavel Kishkar said this today, November 14, during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. “I ask your attention in relation to wages for servicemen, because we have a certain hole, and what we now offer to people does not allow us to complete the combat units, in particular in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to the full. A huge problem,” he said.

“I also focus your colleagues’s attention on the availability of state budget opportunities for fair wage payment, because we are losing people and personnel of the Armed Forces again and again,” added the MP. His address was commented on by the head of government, Vladimir Groisman. “In this budget there is an increase in wages for servicemen and the entire security unit. Not less than 10 thousand UAH will receive a soldier. Next — we will have a certain reduction factor, but including a salary increase of 9 thousand UAH will be received in the State Emergency Service,» he said.

The Prime Minister stressed that the draft law on the state budget must be adopted before December 1 in order to gain access to the money of the International Monetary Fund and the resources of the World Bank. The Prime Minister of Ukraine added that the document will be finalized over the course of three days and sent to parliament for consideration.


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