In the «Servant of the people» were indignant at how the people’s deputy Poroshenko simulated Zelensky’s death

In the “Servant of the people” faction, they were outraged by the statements of the People’s Deputy of “Euro solidarity” Sophia Fedina regarding President Vladimir Zelensky about a possible “undermining on a grenade” and they will ask law enforcement officers to evaluate these words.

Source: replicas of the first deputy chairman of the Servant of the People faction Alexander Kornienko and co-chairman of the European Solidarity faction Irina Gerashchenko at the conciliation council

Details: Kornienko noted that while a full video report of the president’s visit to the front line was being prepared, the space of social networks was filled with various plans with comments on the video taken out of context of Zelensky’s communication with representatives of the veteran movement.

In particular, he expressed indignation over how Fedina and volunteer Marusya Zvirobiy during a Facebook streaming discussed the options for Zelensky’s death (“A grenade can accidentally explode, but there can also be shelling” — quote). Kornienko also wished to hear the position of the European Solidarity faction regarding the statements of their colleague. To this, Irina Gerashchenko recalled Kornienko’s statements of the odious «servant of the people» Alexander Dubinsky, who at one time proposed to turn the presidential forum of Petro Poroshenko into a «gas chamber».

In turn, Verkhovna Rada speaker Dmitry Razumkov said that Fedina’s statements would be considered by the parliamentary committee on regulation and parliamentary ethics.

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