In the «Servant of the people» faction, there is no Kolomoisky group, — Dubinsky

People’s Deputy of Ukraine from the party «Servant of the People» Alexander Dubinsky said that in their faction there is no group of Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. He said this during a live broadcast on ZIK.

«I will comment on the introduction to my inclusion, about Kolomoisky’s group, our struggle, so that the group of Alexander Kornienko does not take the position of party leader. I can say this is» nonsense, «said the people’s deputy.

According to him, he does not know whether and who is part of Kolomoisky’s group and said whether Alexander Kornienko supports his personality.

«Yes, I think Alexander Kornienko is the competent leader of the party. I think that the lack of a party structure, the lack of plans for the party’s deployment on the ground is due to the fact that Mr. Kornienko did not lead the party. Now that he has this opportunity, I hope that we will begin to deploy the grid for the local elections, because I am surprised by the connivance in this matter, «said Dubinsky.

He also confirmed that Kolomoisky has influence on David Arahamia.

“I can confirm that Kolomoisky has influence on Arahamia. Who is Arahamia? He is the chairman of the faction. If Kolomoisky influences Arahamia, then he affects the whole fraction, right? That is, the whole fraction is Kolomoisky’s group, on this basis … No no Kolomoisky’s group, because if it were, then why would we suddenly nominate Kornienko, whom, as it was said, we didn’t want to nominate. Why should I support him? ”, Alexander Dubinsky emphasized.

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