In the «Servant of the people» answered the «Voice»: negotiations with the Russian Federation — the best option for Ukraine

According to Bogdan Yaremenko, freezing the conflict in the Donbass will not bring benefits to Ukraine

Bogdan Yaremenko, the deputy of the Servant of the People, head of the Rada’s Foreign Policy Committee, criticized the Golos party’s proposal to freeze the situation in the Donbas. In his opinion, negotiations with Russia are the best option for Ukraine. The people’s deputy stated on Facebook on Facebook.

“It’s a big mistake / naivety to think that to freeze the conflict in the East of Ukraine (and it seems that the Golos party is close to making this thesis its official position) it’s enough just to do nothing. It’s also naive to believe that the frozen conflict will create less threats for Ukraine, will require less effort for management, «he wrote.

In his opinion, the freezing of the conflict in the Donbass will require no less political, diplomatic and military efforts than the process of peaceful settlement, since such an option can cause opposition from the Russian Federation.

In addition, in this case, the EU and NATO may revise the policy of sanctions against Russia and proceed to normalize relations with the Kremlin.

Yaremenko also criticized the thesis that when the conflict freezes, Ukraine will gain time for economic development.

“In the case of normalization of relations with the West, will Russia not receive more tools for economic development from Ukraine (while now the trend is such that the tools for Ukraine’s interaction with the West are developing, and in the case of Russia it is in decline),” wrote people’s deputy.

«Therefore, negotiating with the Russian Federation as a means of 1) resolving the conflict, 2) a mechanism to alleviate the situation for citizens of Ukraine in the temporarily occupied territories, 3) an instrument to attract international support in favor of Ukraine, from my point of view, remains the best choice for Ukraine,» — he stressed.

Recall, on November 8, the Golos party announced that Ukraine needs to withdraw from the Minsk agreements and freeze the situation in the Donbass before strengthening its own positions. The political force is confident that Russia is not ready for a constructive conversation and continues the policy launched in 2014, the purpose of which is to create controlled autonomy within Ukraine.

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