In the Rada created an inter-factional association for family values. More than 300 people’s deputies entered there

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has created the largest inter-factional union to date, called «Values, Dignity, Family.» It included deputies from all factions and groups. The purpose of the association is to protect eternal values.

The creation was announced by the initiator and head of the inter-factional union, MP from the party «Servant of the People» Svyatoslav Yurash on his page on Facebook.

“More than 300 deputies responded to the value and family appeal. That is, the constitutional majority of all factions and groups of the Ukrainian parliament. To at least something to unite the entire parliament,” he wrote.

He also said that the goal of the inter-factional deputy association is «to protect the eternal values ​​of Ukrainian society and to oppose attempts to destroy fundamental natural law in the name of political fashion.»

Members of the association will prepare bills designed to «strengthen family values, principles of a decent society and education based on the family values ​​of children and youth.»

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