In the Rada create an association «For the next president of Zelensky!»

The extra fractional MP of Ukraine, Vitaliy Kupriy, initiates the creation in the Verkhovna Rada of an interfactional deputy association “For the next president of Zelensky!”. This is stated in the video message, which the deputy announced on his page on Facebook. “I, at the conciliation council of the Verkhovna Rada, announced the creation of an interfactional parliamentary association“ For the next president of Zelensky! ”Said Kupriy. Kupriy noted that he had decided to support presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky, and the corresponding deputy association had already formed “several deputies”. The deputy added that it is necessary to “support the new blood” and give Ukraine a “chance to breathe.” “We have now announced that anyone can join us. And this must be done now, before the second round of elections, and not after Zelensky wins, ”the parliamentarian stressed.

He expressed the opinion that there are deputies in parliament who could help Zelensky to introduce the draft laws necessary for us to «live a better life.» Kupriy added that the creation of this deputy association should be announced tomorrow at a plenary session of parliament. “Speaker Paruby should do this. And I came up today (at a conciliation board — UNIAN), there was no Parubiy, there was Irina Gerashchenko … I strongly demanded that they do it, so that it was announced and not to hide it from society, ”the deputy said. According to Kupriya, the chairman of the parliament, Andrei Parubiy, “will do everything not to announce the creation of a (deputy association — UNIAN)”. “According to the Law on Regulations, there is nothing, no procedure that rejected it. That is, the application has been submitted, the application must be announced, and that’s all, and we are starting to work, ”stated Kupriy.

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