In the Kiev region, unknown robbed the house of the deputy from the Donbass

In Obukhovsky district of Kiev region, unknown robbed the house of people’s deputy Oleg Nedova, reports.
The representative of the National Police of the Kiev region Nikolai Zhukovich on Saturday, June 8, the publication of theBabel reported that the attack occurred about three days ago. A group of several people broke into a private house, tied up and beat a man and a woman who worked in the house. The victims did not go to the hospital.

According to preliminary information, the attackers carried valuables, jewelry, gold out of the house. No other details are given to the police.

On this fact, a pre-trial investigation was launched under Part 3 of Art. 187 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (robbery). Conducted operational-search activities.

Politician Oleg Nedava was born in Makeyevka. He graduated from Donetsk National University. For a long time he worked in firms and enterprises Enakievo.

In 2014, he ran for the single-member constituency No. 53 of the Donetsk Region in the parliamentary elections, gaining 63% of the vote.

According to the declaration, the family of the people’s deputy has a house of 66 square meters and two land plots in the village of Neshcherov, Kiev region. In the same village there is a house with an area of ​​67 square meters and a plot of land with his father Nedova Anatoly Evgenievich. Of the values, the people’s deputy in the declaration indicated watches and jewelry.

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