Import of electricity from Belarus is import from the Russian Federation, — Kucherenko

system, so the import of electricity from Belarus is import from Russia.

This was written by People’s Deputy of Ukraine, First Deputy Committee of the Verkhovna Rada for Energy and Housing and Communal Services, Aleksey Kucherenko on Facebook, commenting on the bill of Andriy Gerus, in which electricity imports from Russia are canceled, but remains from Belarus.

“Russia and Belarus have a single energy system controlled by Moscow. Do not believe the one who began to assure that we refused Russian imports. This is a fake,” Kucherenko wrote.

He also said that this is precisely why the Baltic countries decided in summer to disconnect from the energy systems of Russia and Belarus by 2025 in order to synchronize them with the EU.

“The Baltic countries and the European Union have approved the deadlines for disconnecting from the energy systems of Belarus and Russia. A road map has been signed to synchronize the electricity networks of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia through Poland with the continental network of the European Union. By 2025, the electricity networks of the Baltic countries will be out of sync with the energy systems of Belarus and Russia,” Kucherenko wrote.

On September 18, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law «On Amending Certain Laws of Ukraine in the Field of the Use of Nuclear Energy», in which the head of the parliament’s energy committee, Andrey Gerus, lobbied for the amendment to allow importing electricity to Ukrainian consumers under bilateral agreements. According to Gerus, imports should have been from Belarus. October 1 was the first supply of electricity from Russia in the import mode. Delivery was carried out on an even schedule with a capacity of 100 MW. According to a source on the market, the import was made by United Energy, which is associated with Igor Kolomoisky.

On October 15, Andriy Gerus registered in parliament a draft law “On Amending the Law of Ukraine“ On the Electricity Market ”(No. 2236-2), which repeals its amendment on electricity imports from Russia, but it remains possible to import it from Belarus.

The President of the Ukrainian Energy Association, Oleksandr Trohimets, expressed the view that the adoption of the Gerus bill will stop Ukraine’s European integration and strengthen Russia’s influence in the domestic energy sector.

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