I work for Donbass and Ukraine. Nardep Oleg Nedava on the territorial communities development forum

For days, the Slavic State Pedagogical University has become a meeting place for representatives of territorial communities. They gathered in the assembly hall of one of the faculties of the university for the forum, which was called «Integrated Development of Territorial Communities. Possibilities and Actions of Local Self-Government».

Difficult and boring? By no means. After all, it was about financing very many social and economic projects of specific settlements of the Donetsk region — Slavyansk, Aleksandrovka, Nikolaevka, Andreevka. Many projects were implemented with the help and direct participation of People’s Deputy Oleg Sozheda. He opened the forum.

And the organizer of the module was the public union Donbass, whose chairman of the board of trustees is Oleg Nedava. Here is how he spoke vividly about the implementation of development projects.

— First you need to talk about it. Then you need to write about it. Then you need to do all this and … enjoy the dream. Throughout this journey, we face enormous difficulties, problems, and sometimes lack of understanding. If we begin to do something, we must clearly understand all the steps with which we will reach this goal. From request to design and estimate documentation. Decentralization has given great opportunities to the communities.

In order to get investment, money for the project, you need to go a hard way, which takes a lot of time. From the idea to the implementation of the project, sometimes it takes more than one year. But nothing is impossible. All you need is a huge desire of the community itself, a good project and (most importantly) money for its implementation. This is what the executive director of the Donbass public union, Svetlana Drobotenko, said in her report step by step, with concrete examples, to succeed (or why it did not work out in the past). Specific figures, strategy — all this was filed for an audience who, not by hearsay, knows many aspects of “finding and knocking out” money in the budget, coordination in ministries and departments.

And they also know that the people’s deputy Oleg Nedava does not refuse anyone assistance and works for the benefit of the communities. This was discussed, in particular, by OTG Chairman N.Ya. Andreevka. Dikhtenko, secretary of the Svyatogorsk city council and acting mayor of the city Tatiana Bozhko, secretary of the Cherkasy OTG Alexei Krivokon, rector of Donbass Pedagogical University Svetlana Omelchenko.

Words of gratitude for the assistance provided by People’s Deputy Oleg the recent and plans for the future with new projects. So you can briefly tell the main leitmotif of all speeches.
More on the forum called the specific amount of funds spent on certain projects. Many of them have already been implemented. Some concrete numbers.

According to the speakers on the forum, the slogan — “I work for Donbass and Ukraine” for Oleg Rezdy, not loud words, but the meaning of life and real life. Proved by time.


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