«I remember his name was Leonid.» The assistant to the people’s deputy Tishchenko couldn’t tell who the first president of Ukraine

22-year-old assistant to the people’s deputy from the pro-presidential party «Servant of the People» Mykola Tishchenko Maryana Mikholap remembered only the name of the first president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk and stated that there were 300 people’s deputies in the parliament.

Mariana Mikholap, assistant to the people’s deputy from the Party of the People’s Party, Mykola Tishchenko, while answering blitz questions in an interview with the Observer, could not name the first president of Ukraine.

«Kuchma. No, no, no … Now, his name was Leonid. I remember exactly, give a second. Kuchma was a very long time,» she said.

Then assistant Tishchenko could not name the correct number of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of the ninth convocation.

“I know that they have reduced, now 300,” she said.

Miholap in the same interview said that she has higher education, graduated from Vadim Getman Kiev National University of Economics with honors with a degree in economic cybernetics. Has experience in participating in «creative filming, photo shoots.» Miholap stated that she is interested in the policy “from school”.
“Today I am comparing Ukraine, our native country, our Ukraine, which our predecessors built for us, with a pump. Where, wherever you take it … Whatever you take, everything doesn’t work,” Tischenko said.


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