As the people’s deputy Pavlenko noted, this testifies to the actual recognition by the Greek church of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine

At the liturgy of the Greek Church in Thessaloniki, the name of the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Epiphanius was pronounced. This was reported on Facebook by MP from the EU, Rostislav Pavlenko.

The people’s deputy during the presidency of Petro Poroshenko was involved in the negotiation process for the provision of Tomos. He emphasized that this testifies to the fact that the Greek Church recognized the PCO. This happened during the joint liturgy of the Patriarch of Bartholomew of Constantinople and the Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop Jerome.

“The Greek Church introduced in the diptych the name of the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. For the first time, the name of His Beatitude Epiphanius was mentioned during the great entrance to the Divine Liturgy in Thessaloniki, during the congregation of His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew of Ecumenical Church and His Beatitude Archbishop Jerome of Canada of Athens and the whole of Greece. communication with the PCU. The recognition of the PCU by the Church of Hellas took place, «he wrote.


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