«Have to sit.» Nardep Dubnevich complains that he does not know where to find 100 million for collateral

MP Yaroslav Dubnevich commented on the court’s decision regarding the preventive measure in the form of a pledge of 100 million hryvnias ($ 4 million). He said this in a comment to hromadske.

“I was surprised, because the decision of the judge is even more than what the prosecutors requested. I don’t know how I can find 100 million, ”the deputy said.

Dubnevich said he was unhappy with the decision, because the pledge was too big. “If I don’t find the money, I’ll have to sit in jail,” he said.

The deputy also assured that he will appeal the decision. According to lawyer Stanislav Pelyuk, this is the first case in his memory when the court chose a bail more than requested.

At the same time, the prosecutor does not yet know whether to appeal the decision. He is satisfied with the size of the pledge and the assigned duties.

The report recalls that the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court refused to arrest and chose a preventive measure in the form of a pledge of 100 million ($ 4 million) hryvnia to deputy Yaroslav Dubnevich, who is suspected of stealing more than 93 million hryvnias. The prosecutor’s office asked the court to send Dubnevich into custody with the possibility of making a bail in the amount of 93 million UAH. ($ 3.7 million). In turn, the lawyers asked to release their client on bail.

As reported, on October 31, the Verkhovna Rada withdrew the parliamentary immunity from Dubnevich and agreed to take a preventive measure in the form of detention. The deputy is suspected of embezzlement of more than 93 million UAH. ($ 3.6 million). In the case of proof of guilt, Dubnevich faces 7 to 12 years in prison.

According to the investigation, in 2015-2016, with the assistance of Dubnevich, government purchases were made for Ukrzaliznytsia at inflated prices. This caused damage to the state by more than 93 million UAH. The deputy himself denies these allegations and claims political pressure.



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