Gritsenko about association with Sadov: By the end of February, this question is open

Anatoliy Hrytsenko, leader of the Civic Position, and Andriy Sadovyy, chairman of the «Self-help» Association, are constantly talking about a possible unification on the eve of the elections and do not have conflicts with each other, the Civic Position press service reports.

«We had a conversation with Sadov, how to make two teams, based on the current situation, to be a winning option both at the presidential, parliamentary and local elections, in order to change the country. We are in contact, there are no conflicts between us.» — said A.Gritsenko in the program Drozdov.

He emphasized that during a conversation with A.Sadov proposed in late February, in view of the support that someone would withdraw his candidacy in favor of another.

«I said: if we see that you have a real chance to win, and I do not, I will not be a lie down policeman, but if on the contrary, then let’s reverse it, then it will be honest, we are looking for a solution, by the end of February this question is open,» — added A.Gritsenko.

He noted that with this approach, it is important to take into account not the own ambitions, but the interests of the country.

«The consistency and responsibility for the country should encourage us two and others to return to the search for a victorious story.» The country is more important: the union will not take place if somebody’s internal ambitions will pass for the country’s interest, I will do everything to make the format victorious. «- assured the politician.

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