Last year, the court granted permission to hold a correspondence special pre-trial investigation into the oligarch Kurchenko

The businessman during the time of Yanukovych Serhiy Kurchenko will be questioned by the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine. He was summoned for questioning as a suspect in the appropriation and expropriation of property in particularly large quantities.

The announcement was made public on the website of the agency, reports «Channel 5».

As it became known, Kurchenko should appear before the Prosecutor General’s Office on Friday, February 22. It is a criminal investigation into the creation of a criminal organization that avoided taxes, legalized shadow revenues and thus laundered money.

According to the GPU, the illegal activities of a businessman caused losses to the state by more than 14 billion hryvnia.

«Mr. Sergey V. Kurchenko, September 21, 1985, place of registration: Chapayev St., Chuguev, Kharkiv region, 9th floor, in accordance with the requirements of Articles 133 and 135 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine You need a ‘ To appear on 02/22/2019 at 14:00 in the office of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine at the address: Kyiv, 13/1/15, Riznitskaya Street, for conducting investigative and procedural actions in the status of a suspect in a criminal proceeding No. 42016000000003393 dated 16.11. 2016, Part 1, Article 255, Part 4, Article 28, Part 5, Article 190, Part 3, Article 209, Part 2 of Article 205, Part 3 of Article 212 and other articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine «, — said in a message.

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